About Us


Midland Medical Supply Co. has been a strong force in the medical and surgical products distribution business for over 40 years. We are the most comprehensive, service-oriented, regional medical products distributor in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Established in 1970, Midland Medical was originally a partnership between owner, president and industry veteran Al Borchardt, and a group of area physicians. In its inception, Midland Medical served hospitals and physicians in the Lincoln area. Over the years our customer base and marketplace have expanded immensely. In the late 1980’s, Al Borchardt bought out his partners and assumed full ownership of the company. Today, as the only independently owned and operated medical and surgical supply distributor located in Nebraska we provide a complete line of medical supplies to all types of healthcare customers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, and Wyoming.


At Midland Medical we have the experience needed to serve you better than our competitors. Longevity of key personell is one of our greatest strengths. Our current customer service specialists have logged over 70 years in the healthcare industry and the average length of service for a Midland Medical employee easily exceeds ten years. Our sales associates are industry veterans that have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in making the right decisions. In addition, we know our customers personally. Healthcare professionals across the region know Al Borchardt by sight and name.


Midland Medical serves a loyal customer base of nearly 600 clients. We serve hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, long term care homes, and medical and industrial laboratories. We form long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with the utmost in service year after year. Our overarching goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service in the marketplace, and we are succeeding at it every day.


In the past decade the dominant trend in the health care industry has favored conglomeration. When Midland Medical opened in 1970 there were several other independent medical distributors in Nebraska. Today, we are the only one left and we are determined to keep it that way. We believe that larger companies are less effective at satisfying their customers, because they tend to cut services to maximize profits for their shareholders. At Midland Medical we have no shareholders. We offer you superior service, added value to your purchases, and we do it with a personal touch.

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